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My Research On Royal Jelly Side Effects

I work in a health food shop, and recently a customer was looking at a bottle of royal jelly and asked me to tell the mobile but more about it. I spoke at length about all of the wonderful benefits of royal jelly, but I have to admit that when they asked me about royal jelly side effects, I was stumped.

I had simply never looked into what the Royal Jelly side effects were, and I had to tell them that I would look into it and then get back to them.

I decided to do some independent research about what the side effects of royal jelly can be, and I found out that while it is rare for anyone to suffer any side effects at all to royal jelly, when they do occur, they can be quite severe.

it seems that the main risk of side effects have to do with people suffering anaphylactic shock if they are allergic to some of the substances that are used in processing the royal jelly. This can be avoided by only purchasing or ordering Royal jelly capsules from reputable sources, and avoiding any sources that seem sketchy area. You can check www.dietarysupplementsvitamins.com royal jelly side effects guide for more information.